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Ethylene Diamine Tetra (Methylene Phosphonic Acid) EDTMPA (Solid)

CAS No. 1429-50-1 EINECS No. 215-851-5
Molecular Formula C6H20N2O12P4 Molecular Weight 436.13
Structural Formula

EDTMPA Structural Formula

Product Features

EDTMPA is a broad spectrum scale inhibitor. Particularly effective against calcium sulphate and barium sulphate. EDTMPA is a powerful complexing agent with a high calcium tolerance. EDTMPA is an excellent chelant and also has good chemical and thermal stability. EDTMPA has strong metal ion chelating capacity, The complex constant with Cu is the largest in all chelating agents including EDTA.EDTMPA can replace EDTA for chelating agent at almost any situation.

EDTMPA is a kind of high-pure grade reagent and innocuous. EDTMPA can be used as detergent in semiconductor chip to prepare integrated circuit, as carrying agent for radioelement in medical industry, and as agent for inspection and therapy. EDTMPA is used in detergents as an incrustation control agent and for the stabilization of bleach components. EDTMPA is also used in oilfield formulations and as a peroxide bleach stabilization agent in textile auxiliaries. EDTMPA has a high dispersing power for ceramic slurries and retards setting in building materials.

EDTMPA is white crystal powder at room temperature, with melting point 215-217℃, hard to be dissolved in water, the solubility is less than 5% at room temperature, easy dissolved in ammonia.

Technical Specification

Parameter Standard
Appearance White crystal powder
Active content, % 96.0 min
Total phosphonic acid (as PO43-), % 82.0 min
Chloride (Cl-), % 0.1 max
Moisture, % 2.0 max
Fe, mg/L 5 max
pH (1% water solution) 2.0 max

Scale & Corrosion Inhibition Performance

CaCO3 inhibition CaSO4 inhibition Ca3(PO4)2 inhibition CaC2O4 inhibition BaSO4 inhibition
Good Very Good Very Good Good Very Good
Calcium tolerance Iron control Sequestration Steel corrosion inhibition
Good Yes Excellent Very Good

Package & Storage

25kg Bag Bulk Bag Fiber drum
Storage for 10 months in shady room and dry place.

Hazard & Safety Precaution

Hazard Information Safety Precaution

Corrosive, Class 8, UN 3265 Corrosive, Class 8, UN 3261

Wear protective gloves Wear protective goggles Wear protective clothing

Once contacted with eye and skin, flush with plenty of clean water.

Alternative Name / Synonyms

  1. EDTMPA;
  2. EDTMP;
  3. EDTMP(A);
  4. Ethylene Diamine Tetra (Methylene Phosphonic Acid);
  5. EDTPO;