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KR-801 Water Decoloring Agent

CAS No. 55295-98-2 EINECS No. 686-887-0
Molecular Formula C3H8ClN5O Molecular Weight 165.58
Structural Formula

Product Features

KR-801 Water Decoloring Agent is a cyanoguanidine series cationic polymer compound, which has various functions such as decolorization, flocculation, and CODcr degradation. It is mainly used for the treatment of high-concentration and high-color wastewater of dyes, printing & dyeing and intermediate process, especially for active, acidic and disperse dyes’ wastewater treatment.

KR-801 Water Decoloring Agent can be used for the treatment of industrial wastewater such as textile, printing and dyeing, medicine, papermaking, chemical industry, etc., with decolorization rate >95% and CODcr removal rate >65%.

Technical Specification

Parameter Standard
Appearance Colorless to light yellow viscous liquid
Solid content, % 50.0 min
pH (30% water solution) 3.0-5.0
Viscosity (20℃), cps 30.0-300.0
Density (20℃), g/cm3 1.10 min

Remark: Solid content could be specially produced according to demand.

Applications & Usage

1. Dilute KR-801 Water Decoloring Agent with 10~40 times of water, then add it directly to wastewater, stir for a few minutes then settle or air flotation to obtain the decolorized clear liquid.

2. Adjust the pH value of wastewater to 7~10 can improve the treatment performance.

3. When the color and CODCr of the wastewater are high, to save treatment cost, KR-801 Water Decoloring Agent can be used intermittently with polyaluminium chloride(PAC), while KR-801 and PAC could not mixed together. Whether to add polyaluminium chloride first or then should be determined according to lab test and treatment process.

Package & Storage

25L Drum 200L Drum 1000L IBC
Storage for ten months in shady room and dry place. Do not expose to the sunshine. If this product is stored at low temperature, performance is not affected if there is delamination and whitening, can be used after stirring evenly.

Hazard & Safety Precaution

Hazard Information Satety Precaution

Not Regulated

Once contacted with eye and skin, flush with plenty of clean water.

Alternative Name / Synonyms

  1. KR-261
  2. Alkali Detergent for RO Membrane