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Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid Copolymer (AA/AMPS)

CAS No. 40623-75-4 EINECS No. 609-852-3
Molecular Formula (C3H4O2)n(C7H12NSO4)m Molecular Weight 400~800
Structural Formula

AA/AMPS Structural Formula

Product Features

AA/AMPS is the copolymer of acrylic acid and 2-acrylanmido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid. Due to including carboxylic group (scale inhibition and dispersion) and sulfonic acid group (strong polarity) in this copolymer, AA/AMPS has high calcium tolerance and good scale inhibition for calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate and zinc scale. When built with organophosphines, the synergic effect is obvious. AA/AMPS is suitable to be used in water quality of high pH and high alkaline, it is one of the ideal scale inhibitor and dispersant on high concentration index.

AA/AMPS is a high-quality phosphate stabilizer and a very effective dispersant in all organic cooling water treatments that rely on the corrosion inhibiting properties of organic phosphonates. It acts as mineral scale dispersant, a calcium phosphonate stabilizer and long with organic phosphonate, as a threshold mineral scale inhibitor, additionally; it disperses any calcium phosphate formed organic phosphonates degraded by oxidizing biocides such Chlorine.

Technical Specification

Parameter Standard
Appearance Colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Solid content, % 40 min
Free monomer (as AA), % 0.5 max
Density (20℃), g/cm3 1.15 min
pH(1% water solution) 3.5~4.5

Applications & Usage

AA/AMPS can be used as scale inhibitor and dispersant in open circulating cool water system, oilfield refill water system, metallurgy system and iron & steel plants to prevent sediment of ferric oxide. When built with organophosphorines and zinc salt, the suitable pH value is 7.0~9.5. AA/AMPS can also be used as dyeing auxiliaries for textile.

Scale & Corrosion Inhibition Performance

CaCO3 inhibition Ca3(PO4)2 inhibition CaC2O4 inhibition Silicate inhibition
Good Excellent Good Good
Calcium tolerance Clay/Silt Dispersion Iron Oxide Dispersion Thermal Stability
Excellent Excellent Excellent Very Good

Package & Storage

25kg Bag 200L Drum 1000L IBC ISO Tank
Storage for 10 months in shady room and dry place.

Hazard & Safety Precaution

Hazard Information Satety Precaution

Not regulated

Once contacted with eye and skin, flush with plenty of clean water.

Alternative Name / Synonyms

  1. AA-AMPS;
  2. AA-AMPSA;
  3. Acrylic Acid-2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid Copolymer;
  4. Sulfonated Polyacrylic Acid Copolymer;
  5. Phosphinocarboxylic acid copolymer