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HexaMethyleneDiamineTetra (MethylenePhosphonic Acid) HMDTMPA

CAS No. 23605-74-5 EINECS No. 245-781-0
Molecular Formula C10H28N2O12P4 Molecular Weight 492.3
Structural Formula

HMDTMPA Structural Formula

Product Features

HMDTMPA is a white crystal powder at room temperature, slightly soluble in water, with solubility less than 5%.

HMDTMPA can inhibit most scale formation such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and ferric oxide.

Technical Specification

Parameter Standard
Appearance White crystal powder
Active component (as HDTPMA-), % 97.0 min
chloride (Cl-), % 0.5 max
pH (1% water solution) 2.0 max
Fe, mg/L 35 max

Applications & Usage

As water treatment chemicals, HMDTMPA is used as scale inhibitors for calcium sulfate and barium sulfate, for calcium sulfate in particular. HMDTMPA has high scale inhibition rate and can last for long effective time. HMDTMPA can be used for crush treatment in oilfield and for water treatment in boiler.

Scale and Corrosion inhibition Performance

CaCO3 inhibition CaSO4 inhibition CaC2O4 inhibition BaSO4 inhibition Iron Control
Poor Very Good Very Good Very Good Yes
Steel corrosion inhibition Calcium Tolerance
Steel corrosion inhibition Calcium Tolerance

Package & Storage

25kg Bag Bulk Bag Fiber drum
Storage for 10 months in shady room and dry place.

Hazard & Safety Precaution

Hazard Information Safety Precaution

Corrosive, Class 8, UN 3261

Once contacted with eye and skin, flush with plenty of clean water.


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