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CAS No. 111-30-8 EINECS No. 203-856-5
Molecular Formula C5H8O2 Molecular Weight 100.12
Structural Formula

Glutaraldehyde Structural Formula

Product Features

Glutaraldehyde is colorless or yellowish transparent oily, liquid with a pungent odor, and can be dissolved in organic dissolvent such as water, ether and ethanol.

In water solution, Glutaraldehyde doesn't exist much in free state.Instead it makes appearance as hydrates with different forms and most of them are hydrates with annular structure.

Glutaraldehyde is reactive in property, and liable to polymerize and oxidize, which will react with compounds containing active oxygen and nitrogen. The reaction of the product with protein is mainly carried out between the carbonyl group of the former and the amino group of the latter. Among the known aldehydes, Glutaraldehyde is one of the best cross-linking agents for proteins.

Glutaraldehyde has a small influence on the activity of enzyme, and most of enzymes can be fixed under controlled condition, to cross-link without losing their activity. Contributing to its outstanding characteristics,the product has drawn special concern from people and been put at broad application.

Technical Specification

Parameter Standard
Appearance light yellow liquid
Assay, % 25.0min/50.0 min
PH 3.0-5.0
Density, g/cm3 1.09-1.124
Color Hazen 70 max

Applications & Usage

Glutaraldehyde is used for industrial, laboratory, agricultural, medical, and some household purposes, primarily for disinfecting and sterilization of surfaces and equipment. For example, Glutaraldehyde is used in oil and gas recovery operations and pipelines, waste water treatment, x-ray processing, embalming fluid, leather tanning, paper industry, in fogging and cleaning of poultry houses, and as a chemical intermediate in the production of various materials. Glutaraldehyde may be used in select goods, such as paint and laundry detergent.

Package & Storage

25L Drum 200L Drum 1000L IBC
Storage for 12 months in shady room and dry place.

Hazard & Safety Precaution

Hazard Information Satety Precaution

Corrosive, Class 8+6.1, UN 2922

Once contacted with eye and skin, flush with plenty of clean water.

Alternative Name / Synonyms

  1. Glutaraldehyde, Alias 1,5-Glutaraldehyde, Pentanedial, Glutaric dialdehyde
  2. Biocide
  3. oilfield